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Drag Racing Etiquette
Drag racing etiquette

I know on Friday nights there are a bunch of beginners and rookies that come. Here are just a few helpful hints.

If your car runs faster than 14.00, you will need a DOT approved helmet. If you run faster than 12.00, you will need to meet requirements as set forth in the IHRA rulebook.

Important!!! Before you run, take the time to become familiar with the track, especially where the turn off road is located. When you approach the Staging Lanes, you will be directed by a Track Official. Please turn on your Parking Lights if it is getting dark. This allows Track Officials to see you at the end of the Track.

in the staging lanes
Stay in your lane, do not switch lanes once you are in the staging lane. Once you are in the lanes, stay with your car. Do not run your AC. Water condensation drips onto the track and you may be asked to leave. Do not blast your stereo while in the lanes. Do not continueasly rev your engine in the lanes.

Burning out:
If you have drag radials or slicks: drive through the water box it helps to run your tires over once to throw all the loose rocks off. The point is so rocks arent getting thrown off during your burnout onto the nice dry prepped concrete. Racing on marbles sucks as much as racing on water.
If you are on street tires: do not go through the waterbox. Treaded tires pick up water and reduce your traction. The waterbox is for cars running slicks or drag radials. Go around the water box and give your tires a quick spin to clean them off. There is no need to do a 5-10 sec brunout on street tires.

Pull forward slowly when directed until you see the very top (Pre-Stage), small yellow bulb come on. Do not pull up farther and stage. Its common courtesy to light one bulb at a time, let the other guy hit his, then hit your second and so on. Whoever finishes their burnout first I let have first shot at the beams. I just know I hate it when some idiot does his 10 second burnout on street tires then flies up and buries both bulbs at once - maybe its just me. Wait for the other car to pre-stage, before staging your car. One both cars are pre-staged, pull forward a few more inches and turn on the second (Full Stage) small yellow bulb. If the "Pre-Staged" light goes out, you went too far. This is called "Deep Staging", and is usually not recommended until you get more experience. If you do accidentally pull forward too far, and deep stage, DO NOT pull back until directed to do so.

You are now ready to race. Once the starter activates the tree, the large yellow bulbs will come on, at.5 seconds intervals. When you see the bottom bulb flash, GO! By the time you react and your car reacts, the green light will be on. If you react too quickly you will see the red bulb go on. Not to worry, you can adjust your reaction time next p***. A perfect light is a .000
As you approach the finish line, it might be helpful to let off the throttle on your first p*** to get oriented. The speed trap beams are located 66' BEFORE the finish line beams. Do not brake excessively. There is more than ample Shut Down Area.
Stay in your lane. The car in the right lane has the right of way to the return road. Do not cut in front of the car in the right lane. Wait until that car is on the return road before cutting across the right lane!!!

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