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Default Mission Trip: Glade Spring VA

Hello Racers,Crew Members and Fans:Redline ministry and several other churches are going to Glade Spring VA on August 28th-31st to help a small town that was blown completely away by tornadoes on April27-28th. On August 27th @ Richmond Dragway the McNew Trio will do a benefit concert to raise money for the folks in Glade Spring VA. Many of the families have settled with their insurance companies and most are $20,000 - $40,000 short of being able to get their houses back together. I am hoping to raise enough money to go back to my hometown and make a major impact on a community that a major impact on my life. So heres the deal anyone that would like to go and donate their time: We leave after church on Sunday the 28th and we leave from Glade coming back Weds. Night. If you cant go but would like to give make your checks out to FOUNTAIN CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH (put tornado releif in the memo) To make it to the church is tax deductable If you make it to me or Redline ministry that is not tax deductable at this time. TIME OF CONCERT AND OTHER INFO WILL BE POSTED ON THE MAIN PAGE VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pastor D
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