Fast Lane

In the Fast Lane – 3/18/13

Nuts, Bolts and a Crazy Weather Forecast…

How does that Almond Joy commercial go again…”sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t…” When racing or canceling an event, I am often the “nut”.   I cannot begin to describe the thought process that goes into a weekend of racing that is being threatened by weather.  It is one of those “gut wrenching” deals where I watch about 6 different (note that they are all usually somewhat different) forecasts by local and national weathermen and then I hypothesize my own forecast using some other trending models to try and see what I can do to predict what will happen and save you and me the torture of racing in the rain (or other bad weather). 

Sometimes, like most “Crew Chiefs” I hit the tune up right and make a solid call, other times, I totally miss.  The really challenging  thing in 2013, is knowing how and when to make those calls.  We are in an age of updates by the moment thanks to smart phones, online weather subscriptions, apps etc.  With all of that information in our hands, may of you, our customers, are making your own decisions about attending our events at about the same time I am wrestling with what to do. 

The reality is that in the economic climate that we are all operating in, our margins are razor thin and sometimes the best call is to not risk losing money to try and make a little.  The other reality is that 10-12 cars makes the difference between making a little and losing money.  It is a tough call indeed. 

The next time that we are staring down an uncertain weather pattern for a weekend of racing, be sure to know that I am watching all of the angles and trying my VERY BEST to make a decision that is right for you, our racers and fans, but that also will maximize our chance to turn a profit during the event. 

Until next time, I’ll be the one zoned out in front of a few weather maps…