2014 Standings





Standings as of September 13, 2014

PLEASE NOTE:  Until September, the points reflected errors that were not in alignment with the method of points keeping and accepted as the standard for our 2014 AED Performance ET Points Program as presented on the Points Information Sheet located by clicking here.  This sheet has been available all season and was agreed to when you signed your points registration sheet.  We did not have the points standings  file properly formatted and it was keeping the points under past season inputs.  The 2 changes from past seasons are:  1.  Only 1 vacation voucher this season (instead of 2 in past seasons) and 2.  4 bonus points to the event winner instead of 5.  Points sheets below reflect the corrected standings and also INCLUDE potential bonus points (3 points) awarded to drivers who have entered ALL AED ET Points Events this season.  Sorry for the confusion and correction but it is VERY NECESSARY to ensure that our points are awarded based on the method that was posted and agreed to as part of your contract to join our points program. 

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Susan McLauchlan Jewelers Ladies Challenge Series

as of August 13, 2014

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